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Nanjing Lihu elegantes Hotel (Lakehome Nanjing), Das Hotel liegt in Baijiahu See mit schöner Landschaft auf der West und Shuanglong Avenue auf dem Osten. Umgeben vom See auf drei Seiten, ist es ein umfassendes Konferenzzentrum Hotel mit Unterkunft, Konferenz, Catering und Ausstellung.
Die Zimmer sind geräumig und hell, ausgestattet mit Wireless-LAN-Netzwerk und kompletter Ausstattung, um einen High-End und bequemen privaten Raum für Gäste zu schaffen.Eleganter chinesischer und westlicher Selbstbedienung, eleganter Seeblick Lobby Bar und 14-Banketträume, etc., um Ihre abwechslungsreichen Catering-Bedürfnisse durch das Sammeln von chinesischer und westlicher Nahrung zu erfüllen.Zur gleichen Zeit verfügt das Hotel über Fitnessraum, 25 Meter konstante Temperatur Hallenbad, Tischtennis, Billard, fortgeschrittenen Spa Sauna Club und andere perfekte Unterhaltung und Freizeit-Einrichtungen.Es gibt auch kleine und mittelgroße Besprechungsräume im Laden; die 7.8m hohe pillarless multi-functional Halle verfügt über ein fortgeschrittenes audio-visuelles Demonstrationssystem, intelligente Lichtregelgeräte und Simultan-Interpretationsgeräte, die eine ideale Wahl für die Vorbereitung von High-End-Konferenzen, akademischen Diskussionen, Pressekonferenzen, Ausstellungen und großen Banketten ist.
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Bewertungen Mehr
  • anniexi811201
    Very good hotel
  • wubin9104
    Hotels in Convention and Exhibition Center, near a large shopping centre, I believe eating is very convenient for shopping. the hotel facilities were very new and very clean, the room is not very big but clean and feel comfortable. breakfast is also good, Chinese food, cooked noodles, rice porridge, fried fritters milk, it is suitable for my stomach, China. recommended
  • Piterbanna
    New, helpful. but lived on the second floor, watch the road. breakfast is very good, many options. night hard to find popular places nearby. Service is not bad.
  • Danieljianglong
    Okay, two days before she took the baby to live, is the stuff in the rooms, hotel Ward did not take the initiative to remind or contact us by phone, when we come to think of it, has opened more than 100 kilometres away, had to look back.
  • leaf465599
    Design technology in General is very good just leaking bathroom vanity is very serious because it was late at night to the hotel there was no front desk said there is parking in the underground car park the hotel lobby is hard to find
  • e06100109
    Hotel Nice, nice, breakfast OK. near a shopping mall, is also very convenient
  • ivy0912
    Hotel location adjacent to a Lake, window you can see the view of the Lake. also at the Convention and Exhibition Center, and quiet at night. Rooms were very clean and luxurious feel devices are relatively new, comfortable, great service, good breakfast, featured live. near a large shopping mall and Metro Line 1 line each have to walk about 10 minutes.
  • never come
    Overall satisfaction with hotels for customers to think more comprehensively, some tips and fruit for several days, afraid to eat, there's no room by the Lake a little regret, the next opportunity would come.
  • felixl
    Surrounding area is good, stay comfortable?, all staff of the hotel is quite good, give the feeling of home away from home
  • lapavoni
  • proundwinter
    Hotel is very new, location near the urban area employees, service very good! the biggest advantage or facilities, five-star hotels much better than many old long, strongly recommended!
  • Francoisebo
    It's OK
  • m00827487
    Lakes can be seen through the Windows of the room with great view, surrounding traffic is convenient, nice
  • e02850660
    Overall good location, breakfast was great, health is very clean, service is very good, room was a bit small,
  • aniceday
    Environment is very good
  • lilyerp
    Good, good breakfast
  • bangbt
    So, no highlights
  • mixiang
  • MadFrog?
    Like breakfast ^ _ ^
  • ramenjun
    Hotel was very nice, good lake view rooms, complimentary drinks, check out offer to call the car, very good!
  • cita Kyrgyzstan
    Clean, is a point
  • ivyleague
    Room was clean, service
  • Albee66
    For the friend, friend says very much, very quiet, close to the hundreds of lakes, scenery is beautiful, the rooms are very comfortable
  • emaijun
    Hotel services can be, is far from the downtown, but car very much.
  • famyuu
    Hotels, hardware is new, but the content, a lot of things missing, breakfast
  • buxiang128
    Hotel new, fresh air, surrounding facilities, taxi is very convenient
  • jinluwen
    Hotel the Convention Center above, is very quiet and room facilities were very new good, service is good, but there was no time to have breakfast, do not know how the food, overall was good, will stay again.
  • aliwangjianbao
    Stay is a good feeling for the first time, whether environmental or the staff makes me feel right at home! Later came to Nanjing on business or will continue to enter the nine travel!
  • e01612246
    OK, great.
  • green_air
    Facilities were very good, but the service needs to be strengthened. the next time you go to Nanjing will be staying at this hotel?
  • vivilew
    Which is very nice
  • e00853880
    Jiangning area center around the business district ' experience easy drink very spacious sound insulation and also nice staff very helpful breakfast is also very good on the whole is recommended
  • cdwangj22
    Five-star hotel standards, good love! especially large bathtub! well
  • wy668899
    Hotel is OK, is relatively quiet and traffic are convenient
  • liweijia
    good hotel with nice lakeside view
  • li5353
    Hundreds on the edge of the Lake, nice, new hotel facilities, the pool was great.
  • bluewing81
    Amenities even the 4 stars are up to, so expensive. 7,001 nights, have the money than to live Downtown Sheraton!
  • luca155
    Very new, are hygienic, decoration very stylish, the room will be able to watch hundreds of lakes, free purified water, soft drinks, biscuits, fruit, breakfast twin room normal two copies, but we couple 17 year old daughter to eat without extra charge.
  • e00783010
    Very new hotel, facilities were good ... breakfast was good, pool was good. Service good.
  • rocy1026
    Newer hotel, is located in hundreds of lakes, great view. breakfast is OK, service can. transportation is convenient, out of the hotel to the South or the North two hundred or three hundred meters is subway. North shopping, there are pedestrian, pedestrian street, Jiangning district is on the northern edge of Xinhua Bookstore. Street small restaurants in most popular General. visiting the Jiangning development zone travel is a good option.
  • Julie Wang
    A little disappointed
  • ciscofan
    Colleagues on a business trip.
  • play grass
    Lake Environment great new service!
  • Garfieldluva
    Overall, services have improved.
  • e02572133
    Very good, every time he came to Nanjing on business will live! is also recommending to colleagues!
  • lufeng217
    Hotel is very new, is it not easy to find, I walked around the two circles, two telephone switchboard to find lack of obvious tags, switchboard operator are not professional, looking to improve
  • luxiangrong4338
    Nice environment
  • annabell
    Very elegant hotel, arrived at South Station are very close and convenient
  • fujiancang
    Marked improvement in the quality of service, in room dining styles need to increase
  • Angle_baby
    Live for the first time, you can also